Stripe Plugin by Bubble

Guides I’ve read only go as far as setting up the API settings, and then Bubble’s documentation only have references to explain what each workflow action does. However, I don’t really know where to start with regards to where to build these workflows into my app, where to add buttons and how to manage access to the app linking to whether or not subscription is active etc.

I understand that it may be hard to create a guide for this if everyone is creating a different app structure. However, in my case I want it to be as simple as possible:

  • user creates account
  • user purchases subscription with trial (can cancel before trial ends) - two payment options: monthly vs yearly
  • user has access to app
  • user has ability to access their stripe subscription and update anything
  • access to app is updated based on any changes to user’s subscription

I’m wanting as much of the payment/subscription management side of things to be managed in Stripe using their functionalities (customer billing information collected, invoicing, ability for user to access and edit etc.).

Are you able to guide me how the Stripe functionality should be setup in Bubble for a standard process like the above, suggesting where and what buttons and workflows should be added, based on the current intended use scenario of this plugin and the different workflow actions it offers?

Or if such a guide already exists, please point me to it? I thought this existed in the forums (provided by Bubble) but could not find this. Nor is it provided by Zeroqode, AirDev, or in No Code Coaching YouTube channel. The only resource I could find was by Copilot but I have to pay to access that course and it is for their own plugin not the Stripe plugin by Bubble. Thanks in advance.

Note: I’m not asking for instructions on how to build an application. I’ve already built my entire application except for setting up this Stripe plugin. I’m asking for example(s) of its intended use case scenario, based on the workflow actions available.



1- Firstly setup your products & plans in Stripe

Do you want the user to login to stripe to manage their subscription or from your app?


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Hi @simon

Ive done the setup in Stripe, all ready to go.

I think Id prefer as much of billing/subscription process handled by Stripe.

Josh does the trick


Update: After contacting Bubble support (Jeff) via email he said I need to figure out how to use the plugin myself based on existing resources. So, I’ve started building the payment system using this plugin, using information from this post:

However, Ive just run into a roadblock with the ‘Stripe’s subscription status’ usage. I tried using the user’s stripe’s subscription status as an indicator to what appears and doesn’t appear in my app (when to allow them to cancel, resubscribe, etc.) and I was planning on using the empty status to redirect users back to subscription page if they are on any of the app pages. BUT due to the lack of documentation and support for this I am not sure if this approach even works (I did do a quick test but it didnt work) or how it works (e.g. the stripe info isn’t even in the user’s data, how does bubble even know this is the correct user?). Am I meant to use “Current user’s Stripe’s subscription ID’s status is ‘…’” instead? If so, how do I even save the sub ID in the first place?

Im awaiting some further clarification and I’m very confused as to why this setup process is so vague. I’m @malcolm in these threads now because he has been VERY helpful with some other things!

This seems to have been reported as a bug a while ago:

And here:

And people not sure here either: @levon did you ever figure this out?

I’m just going with servicebot as I’ve spent so much time trying to figure this out.

I recommend Servicebot. It is paid but it takes off the headache.
@ben16 & other members from servicebot are super helping.