How does Stripe Billing subscription work

Hello Bubblers,

I want to implement a subscription system with different plans. I want to use Stripe Billing to achieve this. However i do not have any experience with this yet. How does this work on the Bubble side?
I myself thought that a user must first register himself and make an account and then sign up for subscription. Is that the right way/workflow? Because without a registration, the user would not be registered on Bubble.

There are multiple ways to do this… the first question I guess is whether you’ll be using a plugin, or making your own API calls…

But the standard Bubble Stripe plugin should be good enough for your needs here, and is relatively simple so use…

There’s no need for users to create an account on your Bubble app in order to subscribe to a plan, although in most cases it wouldn’t make much sense not to do that (but it depends on your use case)

thanks for your answer. So it basically is a SaaS product, so creating an account on the Bubble app is a must ofcourse. I want to use the Stripe plugin and use their Billing product/service. So i was wondering what the best approach would be. Let the user first create an account on the Bubble app and then selecting an subscription plan, is there another better way?

Yes, that’s the best way if you’re using the plugin (in my view at least) - that way you’ve got them as a user on your app, so you can contact them if they don’t complete their subscription signup to close the deal.

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Hey checkout complete playlist to setup Stripe Subscription on bubble-

Better if you let the user signup and then subscribe to the plan. Easy to manage.


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