Stripe Plugin - Customer ID missing

Hi, can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong as the Customer ID is not coming over after subscribing through Stripe

Can anyone help with this please?


Its says in the workflow that “make changes to current user” and then you use the same customer id. because its “current user” . its like change the id to the same id

is the result is empty?

Hi, yes it’s empty. What should I change please?

Appreciate your help, thank you


If the result is empty it means that the user or account you use doesn’t have a customer id. Create another flow to create a customer to stripe and retrieve the id put on your user’s customer id.

So I need a separate workflow on the same page to create a customer id. I don’t understand how to retrieve it other than what I did.

Sorry for not understanding and thank you for your time

Create a workflow that create customer on stripe and retrieve the Customer id on the step1 created customer id and put it on the users customer id field
. see picture below it


@vence.naga I don’t have that option… is there something I’m missing?

Becouse you probably use Stripe plugin by Bubble and @vence.naga used Stripe.js2 plugin (where is way more options).
But in your plugin you still should be able to get that data, just try again with “Current user…” option and look for option: Stripe Seller account ID or Stripe Customer ID (i dont remember witch one is correct now) just check what you get.

Or the better way to collect connect ID is when before you probably connect user as a sellers (under your account)

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