Stripe Plugin - Update Customer ID

Is there any way to update the built in Stripe Customer ID?

I want to be able to manually create users in the Stripe interface and then have a web hook create a user in Bubble. I have been able to set up the web hook to create the user using “Create an account for someone else” this is working and I can create an account with the correct email but stripe customer ID is not showing as a field that can be updated.

The reason for this request is I want to be able to set up in person subscriptions for the customer and then when they then log in to Bubble it will be automatically synced with their customer ID for use in the Stripe Customer Portal

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I was able to resolve this by creating a separate field to the built in Stripe Customer ID. My web hook workflows now update this and I use that field for the customer portal links.

Actually this isn’t going to work as if do this when I start a checkout flow using the Bubble Stripe plugin then a new Stripe user is created as the Bubble plugin doesn’t know the customer ID. It looks like I’m going to need to create a new Plugin so I have control over the customer ID field on the member object.