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Stripe POST - How to send array?

Hi Everyone,

I’m messing around with the API Connector & Stripe. I want to add/update Customer Capabilities using this API request:

However, I can’t really figure out how I should enter the request parameters for the capabilities. I know it’s an array, but since Stripe won’t accept a JSON body and wants everything in one long string user parameters, i’m in the dark.
Can anyone help me out?

  1. How do I send an array in one parameter;
  2. How do I make the content dynamic, based on for example a customer input?

Here’s how its done in cURL:
-d “capabilities[card_payments][requested]”=true
-d “capabilities[transfers][requested]”=true

Here’s where I’m struggling:


code the above in connector’s json body field to accept dynamic input values


supply sample values for these dynamic fields when you do “initialize”

then the subsequent workflow dialogs will include enumeration of those dynamic field values .


I’ll give this a try!