Stripe premium currency product

If i have a product on stripe that would to be buying premium currency coins. How could i show the purchased coins in a wallet on once purchased? Thankyou

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You will need to integrate Stripe with your application and manage the user’s wallet within your Bubble application.
You can use Bubble’s Stripe Plugin or the API Connector to communicate with Stripe and implement a payment flow where users can purchase premium currency coins through Stripe.

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thankyou so much for your reply, is this done through stripe connect ? Would the user need a stripe account themselves ? Thankyou so much !

No worries at all, happy to help.
You don’t necessarily require Stripe Connect. It can be done using a standard Stripe account as well.
In a standard Stripe integration, your users do not need to have their own Stripe accounts. You, as the platform owner, have a Stripe account through which you process payments.
And when users purchase premium currency coins, the funds go to your Stripe account, and you manage the transactions and wallet balances within your application.

hey! thankyou for all the info i am currently trying to implement this but im struggling with the bubble side of setting it all up could you possibly guide in anyway the user purchasing the currency coins the funds go to stripe and then the managing on the balances ? Any information would be ideal!