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I have now added the live keys to the stripe plugin but these workflow’s dropdown still shows only the app IDs for the test prices. How do it get it to sshow the live app IDs for the live products’ prices name?

Do i need to remove the dev keys for it to stop showing the dev product IDs and start showing the live products IDs?

As per the Bubble manual, you need to make sure that both live and test versions of your Stripe account have the same plans, with the same IDs Stripe - Bubble Docs

Although, I’m not actually sure that’s possible in Stripe nowadays (if it is, I don’t know how you do it - I’ve never needed to) - so I don’t have an answer for this (other than using your live keys in your test version - which I wouldn’t recommend) - hopefully someone else can help…

Maybe it’s better to check the ‘Dynamically specify plan’ box… then you can use ‘isn’t live version’ to define different price IDs for live and dev versions of your app…

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Yeah i’m confused and will probably just wait for the guy that helped me the other day to come online i guess. Thanks for having a crack Adam.

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This article by @marty.lindsay is Gold

Basically the way I do it is per this article and dynamically specify the Stripe price ids.

I do not think there is a way to make Stripe use the same Price ids in the Sandbox and Live environments. Hence the need to specify the price ids.


I ended up implementing it like this:

where each plan has both the test and prod priceid available to choose, based on the environment

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I used to do it this way, but now I prefer to use just a single workflow action, rather than two, to keep things simple and clean…

Just set the Stripe Plan name to: isn't live version: formatted as text: then do your search and define the price ID for ‘live’ and ‘test’ in the yes and no boxes accordingly…

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All a bit confusing. So here’s what i have done (tell me if it is ok):

  1. i made a data type for plans and made three plans (for my three product type (weekly, monthly, yearly) and pasted in the stripe API IDs for each, and made fields called “yearly”, “monthly”, and “yearly” that are set as either “yes” or “no” depending on the plan:

  2. the next thing i needed to do was make sure i ticked the box “dynamically specify plan”

  3. and finally, do my expression on each of the workflows’ action step like this :

Will this all work?

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