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Stripe Plans Work In Dev but Not Live


I am just about ready to launch my app and recently ran into an issue with the stripe plug in. I have entered both my test/dev and live API keys, built my two products (each with a couple price points) in Stripe. When using the subscribe user to a plan action in the workflow it works great in Dev. I can add the correct plan and run the workflow just fine. When I flip to live it gives me an error saying it cannot fine the plan under that id. My understanding is that these two plans have different IDs between Dev and Live. I am struggling with how to ensure they are the same in Stripe between the two environments. It looks like stripe auto generates these and they are always different.

Any thoughts?


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The plans you create in Development are not available in your Live Stripe environment. You need to create the plan again in the Live environment.

Hey @portageusa :wave:

In Stripe there is a button to copy the plan to live. That’s the best way to ensure that it will work. I would try deleting your live plans and try pressing the copy button within Stripe to see if that fixes it.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hey Jason - thanks. That is what I originally did and still did not work. Stripe continues to produce a different plan ID for each and bubble is still struggling to recognize them as the same thing in both environments. I assume they need the same ID not just names etc right?

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@portageusa I don’t think they need the same IDs. If you are struggling with Bubble automatically detecting it for you, you also have the option of putting the IDs manually. You can store them somewhere or just type them as static data too. Just have one workflow have a condition if it’s Live and one if its Test. That could be a last resort option if Bubble doesn’t take care of it for you. :blush:

Thanks! I am going to put them in an option set and try to put conditions on the workflow to use one when in live and another when not in live.

Thanks! Hope all is well!

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Sounds good. As long as API keys aren’t saved as option sets I think that should be fine. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

You can also add a version to the option set itself. One for live and the other for test. Based on what version it is you can filter them to find the correct plan. That would help reduce it to one workflow.

Let us know if you have any more questions. :blush:

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