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New “Create An Invoice” action for Stripe

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that we’re releasing a small update in features that will appear in both V2 and V3 of our Stripe plugin. Shoutout to @charlotte for building this feature!

You can now create invoices directly using the Stripe plugin with the “Create An Invoice” action. See documentation (Stripe - Bubble Docs) for more details.

The action requires you to enter in the customer you’re charging in the User field. It will then attach any pending invoice items on this user onto this draft invoice. If you additionally add a subscription ID, the draft invoice will not only have existing pending invoice items on the user, but it’ll also have pending invoice items from the subscription. You can also enable automatic collection to allow Stripe’s Smart Retries feature to retry on failed payments for this invoice.

When you use “Create An Invoice” in a workflow, it will return an invoice object. You can retrieve the id of the invoice by using “result of the previous step” from the previous workflow that creates the invoice.

We hope you enjoy this feature! As we look towards the new year, we’re looking at how we can improve Stripe, so feel free to use this thread to comment on any other features you’d like to see us add onto our Stripe plugin.


Thanks for the update @grace.hong !


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Hi Grace,

Great to see you are improving the Stripe integration.

A much needed Stripe improvement would be for the “Subscribe the user to a plan” workflow to return the “id” field. Currently only the “subscription id” and the “price id” are returned, but it would be super useful to also get the unique “id” field as per the Stripe API docs.

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