Stripe Subscription User Log in Workflow

I’ve been trying to set up a simple workflow that prevents a user from logging in and then going to the app’s main page (named find) if they have not signed up for a subscription with Stripe.

I’m using the below workflow to navigate the user to find page but only if the user’s Customer subscription status is not empty. This is based on my uderstanding that if a user signs up for a subscription with Stripe, their Customer ID will not be empty.

However, it seems to log in any user whether or not they have actually created a subscription in Stripe. It is ignoring the Only when condition.

Any thoughts on the proper workflow, i.e., how to preventing a user from logging into/going inside an app unless they have some kind of customer ID or other subscription plan name/ID etc?

I have correctly set up the Stripe plug in from Bubble.



By any chance is there another « do when » workflow on your login page that redirects the user to your « find » page when user is logged in?
If so it might conflict with this workflow.

The way I did it is by setting different « do when » workflows, instead of running conditions on actions

You could then have:

  • a « do when » workflow when user is logged in and subscription is not empty -> go to page Find
  • a « do when » workflow when user is logged in and subscription is empty -> go to another page

This might not be the only way to do this but it works well on my side :slight_smile:

Thanks @ambroisedlg this approach works well for me. You are correct that another workflow was interfering with the one I was trying to fix.