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Stripe transfer fees

Hello there, can someone please share his experience with the transfer fees.

ACH Credit $1.00 per ACH Credit payment
Wire $8.00 per Wire payment
Checks $5.00 per Check received

$15 per returned (bounced) Check

Checks are individually subject to the $5.00 per-check-received fee, regardless if multiple checks are used to pay a single invoice.|
|ACH Direct Debit|0.8% capped at $5.00

We charge $4.00 for failed ACH Direct Debit payments and $15.00 for disputed ACH Direct Debit payments.

This fees for every single transfer? if so, do you set a minimum transfer amount, to avoid loss?


And if your payee sends 10 checks each for $5 for a $50 invoice, it seems like you will pay Stripe Fees of $50 ($5 for each check)

That would be one approach to take.

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and thats without the return checks which cause more fees up to 15$, that’s would be challenging, so you telling me that we need to use transfer group for all charges 5$ and not for each one 5$, right?

@boston85719 Is this for real? 2$ per express active user, which means i will pay per user 2$ monthly or seller?
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 5.28.37 PM

another 0.25$ per payout? after transferring including 5$ fee

I think fees is just climbing mountains.

I think your interpretation of that information is correct.

I personally don’t use the Express accounts. I connect through Standard Accounts and let the merchants pay the Stripe Fees and be responsible for handling their own refund and chargeback fees.

If you are interested in getting a stripe integration setup through the API and use the Standard Account Connect approach you may find my Stripe Integration Course helpful.