Stripe vs Stripe.js2

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a marketplace type website, where we will be taking commissions from sellers and also need to be able to create ‘bid’ type functionality. I noticed there seems to be two options for stripe plugins:

  1. Stripe by Bubble
  2. Stripe.js 2 by Copilot

It seems Stripe.js 2 has more features but Stripe was build by Bubble, so I’d assume it is better maintained. Any advice on which to use for my use case and why?


You know what they say when you assume.

It is not necessarily the case that it is better maintained just because it is built by Bubble. Not to slander Bubble, but the idea is basically, Copilot probably maintains the plugin more than Bubble would maintain theirs because Copilot is most likely using the plugin in apps they build for clients and therefore is more of a necessity that it is well maintained.

Bubble has so many things going on, that their plugins often take a while to get updated, and sometimes are chop full of Bugs.

My go to for any plugin are free ones built by Bubble, then if they don’t work properly, or are so limited in features, I look for free plugins by reputable developers…only after I have exhausted my efforts with free plugins would I look to purchase a plugin. Every plugin I have purchased with the exception of one, I’ve not used after the purchase.

Another note on paid plugins, is that you have to pay for them in each app you use them…unlike a template, which is yours to use as often as you wish, plugins are bought and used in a specific app, so no ability to use it in future projects without having to pay for each apps usage…better to get accustomed to the functionality and features of a free plugin you can use in all of your apps.

Also, with Stripe, no matter which plugin you use, they will lack certain features and you’ll need to implement API calls and potentially Webhooks.

I’d advise you to use the api connector, along with Stripe by Bubble.

Stripe.js 2 is lacking proper documentation and support, and once you reach a problem, you will probably not get an answer.


Second both answers above.

Bubble does not necessarily maintain their plugins. Re: the Stripe plug in, see here

However, it does sound like they later decided to look at updating it in some form, after it was more or less forced by Stripe’s changes.

I’m using the bubble stripe plug in, with the check out changed to v.3 and a free plug in for the customer portal. It works just fine.

For Copilot, I’ve reached out to them multiple times and I have never heard back from them. The idea seem to be to get you to pay for an outdated tutorial video instead of providing any proper documentation.

With the sad state of the bubble plugin universe, I follow the same path as Boston. I avoid plugins if I can, and if I have to, I look for Bubble made ones (hoping they will be better tied in and cause less issues), and I’m only using one paid plug in, because the dev. is working really hard at keeping it up to date and is very visible on the forum with providing help to people.


Thank you all for the advice! :slight_smile:
Sounds reasonable, I’ll try my best to only use the bubble stripe plugin and make my own API calls

@casheets123 what did you mean for the customer portal here? What is the name of the plugin?

this one

and for more info on the portal

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