Stripe webhook checkout.session.completed trouble

I’m having trouble calling a “checkout.session.completed” web hook from Stripe. The application fees are working, and in the logs the error rate is decreasing (further indicating that the payment is going through successfully), and when I did a subscription.created web hook it all works too. But, the checkout session completed web hook isn’t sending a payload. Why might this be happening?

Also, this subscription is purchased in a connect account.

In setting up the webhook in Stripe, you might not have checked the box to indicate the checkout.session.completed event to listen to is on a connected account.

No I checked the box

If you are not using api_token then you could double check if “run without authentication” is checked.

“run without authentication” is checked as well. I feel like I’ve done everything and wonder if its something small that I skipped over accidentally.

Did you remove the word, initialize from the webhook?

the payload was never sent to bubble so I never removed it

Contacted Stripe and they confirmed that the initialization was successful and that the issue is on the Bubble side

Were you able to fully resolve this with Bubble? I am having the same issue. No payload is returned by the webhook.

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Did you guys edit the webhoook URL on stripe after you initialized the workflow on bubble to remove the word “initialize”? If not, then do so and all webhoooks will start coming through.

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I had to contact Bubble support and have them initialize it for me, and then it all worked. They didn’t even explain it well to show me what was going wrong. I genuinely believe it’s a bug of some kind. Contact Support and have somebody there open a “Detect Data” request for you, then resend a web hook from Stripe and it should work.

I am now having the exact same problem. My webhooks have been working fine until about 72 hours ago and now the “subscription_created” webhook is failing (I have not done any changes to the application that affects webhooks). Stripe have emailed me to say there are now over 40 fails. I have contacted bubble support and it has been escalated to Tier 2 support, so hoping that they can get it resolved when they start work on Monday.

Okay, I have found out why my Webhook was failing. If any of you are using Postmark, they have changed their Email API validation with effect 28th November (exactly when I started having the issue). This was causing a “415” error. I have now fixed mine. If anyone needs the info please see:
Changes to Email API validation – Action may be required | Postmark.

Hope this helps anyone that has the same issue

Ok, thanks for the advice. I will contact support. Thanks and best of luck.

Putting this here for the record in case anyone else finds similar behaviour - I had an initialised backend API workflow to receive a webhook from Stripe, but Stripe ‘couldn’t find’ the workflow despite it being the correct name, publicly accessible, correct version, all that stuff. It only fixed once I copied the API call, deleted the old one and renamed the new one to the same as the old.

What does postmark have to do with the stripe API call? Especially if you don’t have postmark integrated with stripe actions?