Stripe webhook error needs help


I justed connected webhook to my bubble app for the first time and succeeded to send test; removed /initialize.

I am trying to grab payment status whether a transaction went through or failed, but I keep getting object_ID only, so went back to the Stripe dashboard to find that error rate keeps increasing. I checked webhook log to find all test webhooks got 200 OK, which I assumed it was okay.

Does this mean that my webhook setup is wrong and it is not working properly?
If so, what should I do?

Thank you.

What kind od event are you listening?
I listening for “invoice.payment_succeeded” event, when i waiting for payment confirmation.

My app charges users either by “charge user” or “charge user with saved cc”. It’s not a marketplace app but retail, so no invoice or no subscription. I just try to get stripe status back whether payment was made successfully or got failed to continue to the next workflows.

I dont use Stripe invoices to, but i Check subscribction payment only.
What I know this invoice.payment_succees event should activate from any kind of payment method. You can try this anyway

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