Stripe webhook help!

Hello stripe experts!

I need some help with two things that for the life of me I can not figure out :frowning:

#1 - I have a webhook setup within bubble to detect when a failed payment is triggered for a subscription.


This is the trigger I am using and have tried a few others but keep getting errors.

#2 - I have set up a customer portal and want to trigger certain events in bubble when someone changes their default payment method.

I have tried many different triggers for this one but cant seem to find the right one.

Can someone give me some insight into the triggers I need for both these webhooks?

What errors?

@georgecollier how are you mate?

For the failed payment I am getting different errors depending on what the trigger is but for the the way it is set up in the picture…

“The service Stripe.js - Retrieve a Customer just returned an error (HTTP 404). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:\n\n{\n "error": {\n "code": "resource_missing",\n "doc_url": "Error codes | Stripe Documentation "message": "No such customer: 'charge'",\n "param": "id",\n "request_log_url": "Stripe Login | Sign in to the Stripe Dashboard "type": "invalid_request_error"\n }\n}\n”

Well this is an error from running an action, not receiving a webhook.

This is just saying the customer is invalid, did you switch API keys, trying a dev customer in live, or something?

So from the rawdata I am pulling the customer ID but it seems to always not trigger

I dont think so. The only thing I have changed in here would be the url version-test to version-live

Check to see if that customer is in your stripe dash (corresponding to the version you’re on)

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