Stripe webhook not sending event

My stripe webhook not send events. I need to click resend every time. I doing anything wrong?

Looks good to me, are you sure you’re sending webhooks to the right version? (version-test instead of version-live for example)

Its is live version. look at second print. Is all working, but a need to click resend manualy to update on my app.

How do you know? What do your Bubble logs say?

Cause my subscribers open support tickets telling that has payed on the previosy day and do not received the confirmation email with the login credentials. When i go check the account… is pending for payment! But when i check on stripe the payment ok. I thing i will configure everthing from scracth.

Check here. Check the ‘request for API workflows’ box to see webhooks from Stripe. That’s where you need to start.

Might not be the solution, but Rename that workflow, it should be in all lowercase

Also check the conditions on all the actions in that workflow. They might be a condition that is making the workflow to stop at a certain action when it’s triggered

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