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Stripe API not working - Status and Data not updated

Hi All,
My API with Stripe seems to be having issues, it should be cancelled already, but it is not sending it over to bubble.

Can assist?

Check your Stripe Dashboard to see what Events Stripe is or is not Sending Over via the webhooks.

Seems like it would have sent it on Oct 30, 2021 at 7:51AM and then will do so again the following month.

You may find this course helpful

I think previously I didn’t do up the endpoint for live version. I just fixed it and attempted again, but got this error: HTTP status code - 404 (Not Found)

Can advise?

Got it~ I was reading through the forum… just got to make sure the name of the web hooks is similar for both live and test

It is working now~ Thanks!

You want the web hook for live to be the live app URL, and test mode to be the development versions URL

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