Stripe: Webhook testing + CLI

Is it possible to use the ‘Stripe Shell’ for the CLI to test Webhooks?
In the past Stripe use to have a simple ‘test webhook’ option but they have removed that and now it is all in the CLI. I am trying to avoid installing it, and would prefer just to use the web shell version they provide, but when I initiate it with ‘stripe listen’ it just hangs.
Anyone had any experience in getting this working??

Yeah it’s annoying that they removed that button!

What I do is initialise webhook on bubble side, then just create a test transaction in Stripe test environment and the endpoint usually catches it and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply - sorry late in getting back!
Stripe tells me that they have a technical problem with the ‘test endpoint’ function and for now only installing the CLI will allow me to test the endpoints. The problem with generating the triggers by using Stripe is that I need to test things like payment failures, etc, which I cant (as far as I know) get Stripe to generate just by using test transactions… so looks like installing CLI is only option :frowning:

Yeah you can - they have a list somewhere of their test CC numbers that are set up for various things like payment failure, payment success etc

Ah! The thing Im trying to test is a subscription payment failure after the subscription has started, but from what you’ve described I should be able to change their CC details to one that will fail… Thanks :slight_smile: