Stripe - Where is the Client ID?

Where is the “live client ID” and the “client id - development”? Stripe doesn’t know what I’m talking about and I can’t find it anywhere in their dashboard?

Answered here:

BTW, the whole subscription thing with Stripe in Bubble right now is a little funky. There’s an open Support ticket about how “Plan Name” (which is more correctly the Stripe plan’s “Nickname”) does not come across from Stripe API.

(I’m pretty sure this will get fixed very soon – team already fixed the first part of the issue which was that Plan Names did not show up in the dropdown that lets you select the plan to which the user should be subscribed.)

Once that is fixed I was thinking of doing a quick-ish video about how to set this up. It was overly difficult my first time through as Stripe API, nomenclature, etc has changed quite a lot over the recent past and many discussions about all of this are out-of-date.

Additionally, the Stripe Dashboard is almost entirely undocumented on the Stripe side and figuring out where everything is is initially an exercise in head-pounding frustration.

It’s moved again. Now it’s in Settings > Connect > Connect Settings.
But only if you’ve set up Connect.


You only need a Client ID if you’re using Stripe Connect.
If you charge you’re own customers, you just need the API Keys.


The plans do appear but it only recognizes the dev keys. Solution would be to paste live key also in the dev field or the other way around depending on your situation.

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Thanks for Clarifying this, I just wasted an hour looking for stripe Client Ids