Struggles with ulpoading documents

Hi all

I have a simple database where I want to store uploaded documents of different types. However, I want the documents to be private so I dont want to just add directly to databse as I undertand that anyone with the document URL would be able to see them.

The table looks like this:-

These are global documents and not in the context of anything in particular and I am struggling therefore to define the thing to attach them to in the file uploader.

I have achieved similar when I have uploaded them in the context of a specific thing like a risk control but I just can’t seem to understand the logic when I just want to add a document to a database with a name, a type and the user who uploaed it.




Just setup your privacy rules.

This user is creator of Uploaded Document.

Sorry, I don’t understand your answer.

I want to mark the file as private in the file ulpoader control and then attach it to a thing. Because I am not attaching it as a fiield in some separate record (like a particular customer for example) I can’t work out the logic needed.

At the end of the day I just want to upload a document, stick it in a table and allow all logged in users to be able to access it.

I know I can use a workflow to create a thing but as I understand it doing this means that anyone can see the document if they have the URL?

I may well have misunderstood this though.



Anything that is “marked as private” is ONLY available to current user that has uploaded. You will need to setup privacy rules for users to be able to view attached files.


Ahhhh…I understand. So I have added the file to my table now and set up a rule that only logged in users can see attached files in this table.



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