Struggling to duplicate things

Stio trying to “associate” things. You’re breaking the model. Start a new project and fu…dge around with Bubble for a bit. I guarantee you’ll get it.

At the risk of confusing you further, have a look at my video about amenities. I think it will help you understand what a “Thing” is… and what the fields on a Thing should be.

(This video is now rather old and needs a revisit, but it’s still very useful.)

I’m wondering where your experience with databases comes from… think JSON, not Oracle 2009…

Things should have no lists of fundamental data types on them. This is your issue.

If a Thing needs a list of “something” on it, that list should (must) be other Things, not primary data types. (A Thing is a custom datatype stored in your database.)

A list of non-unique items will (nearly) always collapse (in Bubble) to a de-duped list. and this is the source of your problem/confusion.