Struggling to understand some things

I come from a varied database background including dbase III+, FoxPro, FileMaker, and SQL Server and I’m struggling with a few of the basics. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

In every database application I’ve checked out over the years, the first test I run is to see how easy it is to set up a one-to-many relationship and then data entry and report. So basically I create two tables which are company and staff and create the relationship (one company has many staff). I then see how easy it is to enter data and get everything to show up on one screen. For instance, if I’m looking at a company I want to see all of their staff records down below. I also want to be on the company screen and create staff records right there. Likewise, I should be able to look at the staff table and change the company a staff member belongs to on that screen.

This far, I’ve really struggled with this in bubble so while bubble might be really powerful, it’s also pretty complex at times as generally, this takes about 30 minutes to figure out. If any can point me toward a tutorial for what I’m trying to do that would be most helpful.


Hi, the best way is to start with official resources to get the idea of working with DB in Bubble. Here you can read about Data Structure (there is a dedicated section Connecting types)

It is far simpler in Bubble than anything classically ‘relational’.

Two tables (ok, data types) and Company has a field that is a list of Staff records (ok, things).

No need to worry about indexes and keys.

Add something to a list. Remove it from the list. Show the list in a list on a page.

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