Struggling With A Custom State

I have a table in the database called GeoPost. In that table there is a field called GeoPostTag. This field is a list of tags.

I have a table called GeoTags. In that table there is a field called TagGeoPost. That is set to GeoPost (not as a list)

Each post can have 0 to 4 tags.

When I run a Repeating Group (RG A) the tags correctly line up against the corresponding posts, in their own Repeating Group.

No problems so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

What I want to do now is be able to click on a tag and in a new Repeating Group (RG B) which is on the same page as RG A see every post that has the selected tag. If a post does not have the tag selected then it does not show in RG B

I have selected the tag text and built a workflow. The first part of the workflow I make a custom state at page level to capture the tag.

I know I am capturing the custom result as I have put a little text box on the page which confirms by clicking on any of the 4 available tags in a post I can see the custom state showing the correct tag.

With the custom state I have tried setting it as a Text and setting it as GeoTag but I still can’t get RG B to show the results of posts only with the Tag associated to the custom state.

In the workflow I select the custom state.

Then I show the Group that RG B will reside in.

Then I Display List as the 3rd action with RG B inside the above group.

It is at this stage that my problem begins.

I have tried numerous ways to say show RG B with the custom state but no way I have tried manages to display RG B with the selected custom state.

Could someone tell me what I’m likely to be doing wrong?


Al.Please pick a subcategory to help organize the information. Thanks!

Also, the more context you provide with your questions (screenshots, link to an open app, etc.), the more likely you’ll get good help quickly :slight_smile:

Hi there, @alec.bancroft… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like RG B’s data source just needs to be a search for posts where the GeoPostTag field contains the custom state’s value. Is my understanding correct? If so, I assume you tried that and it’s not working? Can you share some screenshots to shed more light on your actual setup?


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That is correct. Thanks @mikeloc

I will make some screenshots and post them but first I will try again with the GeoPostTag just to make sure I’ve not missed something obvious.

I say this because when I set the conditions on RG B all the conditions light up blue to show everything is okay. The problem may be that you try so many different ways your head falls off and you can’t remember your left from your right.


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Hi @mikeloc just to let you know I’ve solved this problem, you told me that what it sounded like I was doing was correct, so I went and spent a few hours trying to find the problem.

The problem was that in the group RB 2, I’d left some ‘code’ from RB 1 as I just copy/paste RB1 to make RB2.

Now all works fine. So again Mike thanks.


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