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Struggling with making a 3-step signup


I’m trying to make a 3 step signup for an admin user.

Page 1: They type in their company name, which has little to do with signing up itself.
Page 2: They type in their email.
Page 3: They type in their password, and gets signed up and redirected to a settings page.

The workflow I made is this:

Page one: 1. Create new “Organization”. Organization name = input. 2. Redirect to email_signup.
Page two: 1. Create “Owner_user”. Email = Input “My email is…”'s value. - Here it asks for more, I just want the value really. I get a todo list with the following message: “Create a new Owner_user…: value should be a email but right now is a text”.
The input field itself’s “Content format” is set to email.

Then redirect to create_password.

Page three: Input formatted as password. Workflow: Sign the user up. Unable to fetch the email. Password works out to be from current input without problems. -> Redirect to page_settings.

How can I solve this without having to make a 1 page signup?

Does it have to be on three different pages? The way I’d do it is on the same page, with 3 groups that you hide and show based on the step. Also, I would start with having them enter an email and a password first, so that you can refer to the current user after, and then do the different things creation you’re talking about. Does that make sense?

It does! I can probably make the text/description I already have on the pages work in the same matter as well then.

It’s not the perfect solution, but it should work out just fine anyways.

Thanks =)

Hmmm… It seems to be a bug with adding emails to databases though.

Every time I try to add a database entry that is an email, I always get that same error. “Create a new Owner_user…: value should be a email but right now is a text”.

Even though I set the input field to be email. It always ask me for something more than just the value. Am I doing something wrong with that particular form of data, or is it a bug?

Did you create a type of things ‘email’? Sounds like you did. Why? An email is a type of thing here, whole the input returns a text. See what I mean?