2 Step sign up page

Hey, so I am trying to do a two-part sign up for example. The homepage has "full name’ and “email” input with sign up button that takes them to another page to add their passwords and answers a few questions. My problem is I can’t transfer the “email” input data from page 1 to page two so they don’t have to re-type it again. I know it shouldn’t be complicated, but I must be missing something here

Simplest way is to pass it through a URL parameter.


Does it need to be separate pages? Or can you show/hide groups on a single page?

It has to be two different pages😔

Ok - I’m not sure why it would need to be. But in any case, as suggested, just pass the user’s unique ID through URL parameter and then use the ‘do a search’ function and ‘get data from page URL’ to call up any data you need from your user datatype.

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