Struggling with margin aligment

I’m trying to get the image to be centered on mobile view, while want the edit icon to always stick at the bottom right of the card.

No matter what I do, when changing the alignment of either the image or the icon, they both get the same alignment.

What to do?

try changing your fixed margin alignment

Yes, I did that and then the image item also gets the same alignment. And if I put the image alignment to the center, then the icon gets the center alignment as well.

the you could try putting both into a group if that makes sense

Not sure how :thinking:

This is the setup in the designer mode: the icon should be bottom right and image top right. If I group them, the card stretches to keep the distance of between icon and image…

I need the image to go to the bottom centered, and that icon to stay in its corner forever.

Okay I figured it out: to prevent the icon from interacting with the image and instead let the image interact with the form elements, I’ve combined the image and form element group into a group. I also pushed the icon a notch down below the said new group: