Center both image and text

Hello !

I’m searching to center grouped image/text, according that the text width can change :




I grouped them together, make this group center aligned, and on responsive tab make the flag margin stick to left and text margin stick to right but I thing I’m doing wrong.

Someone can help? thank you !

Hey, @Sarah_Esteve,

You can delete the image element and just have a text element with center alignment and add the image with bbcode.

I think it will always be centered :slight_smile: :computer:

heyhey @hacker ! thanks, I tried this, it is a good hack! the image remains with a uggly vertical align :


worse with a rounded img:


Do you have an idea how it to fix this?

You can try something like this

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Hey there @Sarah_Esteve,

Dunno if this is going to help but try ungrouping, flag to the left, text to the left, text uncheck fixed width and line height 1.2?

It does not work :confused:

You mean the flag as a text element left aligned ?
But if ungrouped, how to set them middle aligned ?

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