Struggling with variable heights in repeating group

The use case is a messaging function, but messages can be a variety of things – plain text, polls, images, shapes with buttons, etc. Right now I have each type of message as a separate group inside each cell of the repeating group, and only one appears in any given cell based on what type that message is. This system functions correctly (i.e. the correct type shows up consistently in testing with no other types showing up), but I can’t get the cells to adjust height based on which group is visible in either direction.

If I make the cells short, the larger message types get newer messages on top of them. If I make the cells as tall as the largest object, they do not get shorter when that object is hidden despite that object being a group with the option “Collapse this element’s height when hidden” checked.

I’ve gone in circles a bit with this one, any help would be appreciated.

Are the different groups containing the different elements type overlapping (on top of eachother)?

If your text element inside of a group has another group on top of it containing the image element the collapse heigh probably won’t work…If this is how you have it set up, try putting the groups containing the different element types to be stacked (bottom of group 1 touches top of group 2)

I have a responsive messaging system but it doesn’t provide for images

This method isn’t working for me, it both layers new messages over longer message types and leaves blank space under shorter ones.

For context if anyone else has ideas, I’ve also tried putting possible components from all message types into one object with smaller groups of them appearing or disappearing – no luck.

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