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Messaging Feature

is there way to make messaging in bubble? Like a group of people join the group message and stuff like that.


yes, but at this stage you’ll have to create the data structure and use a repeating group to show the different messages, etc. We’ll add a chat module at some point, it’s not the features lab, but not at the second.


Ok thank you!!! Sorry for too much question!! But bubble rocks and I am lucky I found it :smile:

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Question related to this - any plans to make it so items in a repeating group can be of variable height? Messaging is a really good example of a place you might want to do this.


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Yes, if you use elements inside a repeating group that are expandable (like a text element or a multi-line input, the repeating group cell will expand automatically. Also, you can set the repeating group to show the total number of cells or to have infinite scrolling feature, at the rep group level.


Thanks Emmanuel for the hint with the data structure and the repeating group. I managed to set this up and the expandable elements are working perfectly fine.
The only issue I face is that the repeating group doesn’t automatically scroll down to the latest message when the posts are sorted in an ascending way. Can I either specify in the workflow a scrolling within the repeating group (for the moment it looks like if this is only possible for elements on the page) or eventually start populating the repeating group from the bottom in an inverted way?

Yes we don’t have that yet. The best approach here is to sort the messages by date, “descending”. You can do this in the search.

OK, thanks. That is what I am doing so far. It just would have been nicer to read the conversation from the top to the bottom.

I am facing the exact same challenge trying to build messaging feature (such as WhatsApp).
On sorting by descending, messages get added but repeating group scroll position remains static.
Users are not okay with either of the two options: reverse the current way of reading conversations (or) having to scroll manually everytime a new message is posted.
Is there already an workaround to do this e.g. set the default scrolling position of a repeating group as the bottom / create a workflow to do this ?

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I know you posted this a long time ago and may no longer need an answer, but I just ran into the same problem and found a solution in another thread. If you do a workflow > Element Actions > Scroll to Entry > Entry to Scroll to (Search for last item)

It worked for me!

How to auto-pull Repeating Group for Messaging feature to bottom, like iOS Messages?

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Hey Jeff, what do you mean with Scroll to Entry? I cannot search for last items personally.
Would you be happy to share a screenshot of the workflow please?


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Hi Vincent - it’s in the workflow - see attached

Awesome! I missed it in the Workflow Actions… Thanks Jeff!

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Thanks for all your answers. Now, I get to know that how we can add the group message features in the bubble website.