Stuck on the first step of tutorial!

I’m a newby trying to follow the instructions to build a stock app. However, I am stuck on step one Configuring your database.

If you see the image below, the help sheet on the right shows ‘List of stocks’ (in red) but my project on the left shows ‘text’. How do I change this?

Also, how do I remove the row ‘Creator’ shown in blue?

Hi there, @darren.james7518… what you are showing on the left isn’t your User data type… it appears to be your Stocks data type (hence the label at the top Fields for type Stocks), but you have changed the Type name to User. On the right, Bubble is showing the User data type, and they have added a field to it called Stocks. When they created that field, they linked it to the Stocks data type by selecting “Stocks” for the Field type, and they clicked the checkbox to make it a list.

Oh, and every custom data type has a built-in Creator field that you cannot remove. The reason you are seeing that field in your screenshot and not in the Bubble screenshot is because, again, you are looking at your Stocks data type and Bubble is showing the User data type.

All of that being said, here is what you need to do… change the Type name in your screenshot back to Stocks. Then, delete the Stocks field that is shown in your screenshot. After you have done that, select your User data type and click the Create a new field button. Name the new field Stocks, and for the Field type, select your Stocks data type. Finally, click the This field is a list checkbox, and create the new field. At that point, you should be in line with the tutorial.

Hope this helps.


@ mikeloc Thank you so much for your effort in helping me. You can see from the image below that I’ve made those changes but the word ‘List of Stocks’ has a default ‘es’ on the end (weird?).

Also, you helped me complete the *Data type: Stock but in the tutorial I also need to do the *Data type: User and **Data type: Stock price. I only see the ability to do one of these?

I am completely lost and 100% confused. Is there a VERY simple explanation of how databases work to get me started? I am not worried about the design, I want to know that Bubble can do database stuff, example; some one logs in and see information specific to that user - how do we store and manage the users data?

Bubble is quickly approaching a million users on the platform, so you can rest assured that it can do “database stuff.” :slight_smile:

At this point, you might want to take a step back and work through the tutorials that “handhold” you through the steps of building some simple things. Those tutorials are a great way to learn the basics, and the rest will unfold from there. Don’t give up, though… you will see how amazing the platform is once you start to get up the learning curve, so just keep going and it will start to click.


Ok yes you’re right … I will take a few days to go through everything I can find and hope it falls into place for me! Thanks again - I won’t give up.