Stuck on workflow for Submitting data from dynamic RG

Hello all!

I am populating this repeating group with a list of potential employee achievements. the list populated is based on the name that appears in the dropdown.

What i want to do now, is save the scores for achievements. I am struggling to realize how to save the data appropriately.

Do i make a column for each potential achievement and cap it at a given number?1 button to save all achievements. this way makes sense but is limiting.

is there a way to save a new line of data per row in the RG with only 1 button click? I’m not sure how to do this but this is what I’d like to do

or do i save each one individually (this way makes sense and is what I’m leaning towards in case there isn’t a need to score a given achievement for that day)

Id be happy to answer any questions and take any suggestions!

How many total achievements are possible per employee? If it’s less than 100, the entire list can be saved in one fell swoop. You’d need a field of type achievement on the User (employee) data type, and it should be set as a list. Then you’d need a button outside the RG to save the entire list of achievements to that field. At least, that’s one approach if I understand the issue correctly.

You can certainly save achievements one at a time as well. The best approach depends on your app design and the desired UX.


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Thanks for reaching out!
To answer the # of achievements, it will be anywhere between 2-10 possibly more for a team/group.

for the rest.
Sorry! Let me clarify!

The achievements are save on the user as a list.

what i am doing here is saving a weekly score for the achievments. There is a possibility that an achievement may not need a score each week while others will.

i was thinking a toggle switch to indicate if no score was needed.

so what this RG does is display all achievements for a given user so a manager may enter a score for that week. achievements are added on a separate screen

If that can be distilled into Bubble logic, then a Conditional can be used to alter the appearance of only those cells (achievements) requiring a score. For instance, the Save button can be disabled, or both the button and score field can be hidden.

Ok, the button inside the RG makes sense in that case. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess I’m still a bit unclear on whether your question is about workflow or how to structure/store the data. I don’t understand how you’re storing the scores. :confused:

(Gotta step out now, so maybe someone else will chime in.)


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Thank you for asking about that!

for context, a manager is scoring employees work for the 2-week period. Some evaluations, he may not need to take a score, such as a quarterly performance evaluation.

i want to later query the data to display graphs for achievements individually to display performance over time. (1 simple line graph per achievement)

I also want to combine all achievement scores to create an overall weighted score. i want to display that as a line graph over time as well.

For data structure, i am trying to figure out the best way.

this way would permit for basically an unlimited amount of achievements.
and i would record them like this

this way only allows for a fixed amount of achievements but the data will be easier to manipulate.

I have the same doubt. My case is the registration of an order with a shopping cart.

I would like to be able to store the complete RG list in a list field.
If it is not possible to save a complete list with the columns, there could be a way to concatenate the data as an example: “2x Banana R $ 6.00” and save line by line, as long as it is in the same record.
I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t
Could someone send a printscreen in the action settings?
Help @sudsy

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