[Solved]How to save multiple things from inputs in a RG

I am trying to create 1 thing (row of data) per input in an RG. in this example, it would be 1 ‘score’. the number of scores may be different from time to time, so i need a way to save each one depending on how many there are. I cant make a fixed form.

i have seen the suggestions for List shifter and List popper but couldn’t find how to create 1 thing per list item. can anyone help me out?


It looks like I need to schedule an API on a workflow list

Looking for how to do that now.

This task appears to require “schedule api workflow on list”.

That’s only available on paid plans, correct?

I have accomplished client side recursion with custom states but it is slow. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this task more quickly without being on a paid plan?

Solution can be seen here live

or workflows here (i think)