Stuck with Partial Matching Constraints for Data API or Pagination for Workflow API

Dear all,

Appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

I currently have a data type, which is a list with a column in it called Job Domain, and the Job Domain contains URLs. I set up an API call from my Javascript to call the API to retrieve data from Bubble with a parameter called ‘domain’, however, this parameter domain would not exactly match with the data filed ‘Job Domain’ as you can see from the screenshots below. (The URLs could be ‘’ , but the domain contains only ‘goldmansachs’)

Using Workflow API:
One problem is that if my parameter value is ‘goldmansachs’, the API would only return 50 rows of data via Workflow API when I use the ‘contains’ constraint (works for partial matching), but I don’t know how to increase that returned data number as many remaining data related to ‘goldmansachs’ wasn’t shown.

Using Data API:
The other problem is that the constraint ‘text contains’ does not work for partial matching if I switch to using Data API (it’s good as it has a cursor and limit). It just returns 1 row of data in the list (only returned one fabricated data made by myself, showing that it only works for exact match instead of partial matching).

I just need a solution for any of them.

Many thanks!!!

(PS: matching map is the data type for data field ‘Job Domain’)

Only 50 rows of data would return if I use the following Workflow API setup

Only 1 row of data is returned if I use the ‘text contains’ constraint for Data API

The search is retrieving all the items as expected, but the Return data from API action is limited to returning 50 items in a list

All the way at the bottom of The Workflow API | Bubble Docs it says:

List of parameters

These are the keys and data types of the parameters that are returned. When the name and type of data are set, define the data you want to return. In the case of the Workflow API, we limit the size of lists to 50 entries. For a full list of data, please use the Data API that handles pagination

But I think you can just rig together your own pagination… Have an addition number “cursor” parameter on the workflow then add to your Search:from item # [cursor]:until item # 50

Then add more useful numbers returned like “remaining” and “total”

Thank you Tyler, I’ve tried to add parameters ‘cursor’ and ‘limit’ in the workflow API, but the response does not include the ‘cursor’ value and ‘limit’ value at all.

I just checked the Constraint Type Bubble, and Bubble does not include a constraint type that can perform the partial matching function. :weary:

I just mean add a cursor parameter to your workflow, then use that number so you do Search for Matching Maps:from item # [cursor]:until item # 50

So Bubble does a search and starts at the cursor value, returns that list of 50 items, then you also return some numbers like “remaining” and “count” if you need them