Styling a Searchbox element

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out why I can’t match the styling of a SearchBox element to that of an Input element.

I have an Input element which has the the below conditional styling

I have a SearchBox element which has the same conditional styling, but comes out different

The discrepancy in styling is with the conditional When This SearchBox is focused, the boxshadow color and radius is off.

Am I making a silly mistake?



Box shadow have other properties besides the spread radius like the horizontal and vertical offset. Check those are the same because they are not.

In your editor, it is not easy to see this and if the editor was not read only I’d be able to make the change necessary to show this.

In the elements, on the appearance tab, set the shadow style to outset so you can see those parameters for both, they will be different. After seeing that you can put appearance as was previously, then go into condition and set each outset property to be the same.

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