Sub-Domain for App Marketing Question (Advice Needed)

It seems that there is a huge lack of information on SEO which concerns me. I have developed multiple pages for /contact, /aboutus, etc. and it’s a very time consuming and painful process. Google search console isn’t even recognizing the pages. It seems like the easiest solution is:

  1. Create a marketing site
  2. Use subdomain with bubble

If there are bubblers who know the long term affects from a google search perspective, I would greatly appreciate the advice!!


I would love to hear more on this too.

From my experience, dynamically created pages are not listed on Google at all!

I’ve also opened a similar topic on SEO but all of them gets closed automatically because of no replies.

I’ve already added the google verification code, dynamic fields for SEO/Meta Tags for each dynamic page template. But still, even when I exactly type in the terms in the dynamic page Google doesn’t list my dynamically created pages.

When I try to replicate the content of the dynamically created page as a static one, after couple of weeks I see the results on Google search. So I am not really sure where am I mistaken. But this is a really big issue for me thinking to stop my pro account on bubble.

Hope to hear from people have some experience on this and share their pages created on bubble with good listing results via dynamic pages.

I see the no response quite often which is telling me there are no good answers to any of this.

I tend to avoid any focus on SEO whatsoever, so I have nothing to add. Hopefully one of the other folks on here have some insights!

We haven’t yet done a whole lot with SEO and dynamic pages yet, but I understand Search and SEO quite well. I can’t imagine that dynamic pages would have any trouble being indexed by Google - and I can confirm ours are definitely indexed and appear in search results. I think what people run into with Bubble is that Bubble doesn’t include them in the sitemap by default.

This doesn’t seem like it’d matter at all so long as there are pages on your site or other sites that link to each page. Note - they need to link using the link element, which is different than running a workflow/action to navigate to the other page. So, make sure you’re doing this. Once Google discovers a page it’ll crawl all of the pages it links to.

Furthermore, the reality is that if you put up a page on your site and don’t have any links to it, you’re not going to get much (or any) search traffic to that page because it’s not going to rank high enough in Google’s ranking criteria even if you managed to get it indexed. There are just too many pages on the internet that do have links to them so Google will generally presume those are better than pages without any external links.

Also to your question on sub-domains - I know using separate sub-domains used to have a large impact on Google’s interpretation and ranking of your content (SEO consultants would advise keeping everything on one domain so use instead of But, my knowledge on sub-domains is at lease a few years old which is ancient history in terms of SEO so it may not be relevant anymore.


Great point on the linking. Essentially all the pages, because it’s an app, don’t have backlinks which makes them completely worthless from a SEO perspective.

I have been reading all the info on subdomain and google used to look at them like different websites. Now, it seems from researchers (neil patel and brian dean – backlinko), that the subdomain doesn’t hurt you anymore. They think since it’s associated with the main site, that google doesn’t hit you anymore.

They suggest further, that we should be breaking it up because it makes it much more clean for the bots to know what we’re doing. ie the subdomain is the app (no links) and the main site is for marketing. The marketing site structure is then super clear to google.

I’m still not 100% sold either way, but leaning towards:

  1. App - on subdomain.
  2. Main site - All marketing and concentrate on SEO.

I appreciate your feedback guys @sridharan.s @andrewgassen @erbil88

Feel free to chime in anyone else. I’m all ears. Thanks!