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Subdirectory / sub page possible?

I have quite a lot of pages for the user. I also have an admin page with most of the same pages all in that single admin page. This is very taxing on that page so I decided to split the admin sections into their own pages.

They have similar names to the client pages, so I was wondering if it is possible to have a page to fall under the admin page as a subdirectory? so admin/pagename

It is clear that the ‘admin’ page is the main page for the admin section

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This is something that would really help especially for large webites that have many sub pages, however doesn’t currently exist in Bubble.

The current best solution that I know of, is just in the name, so you could do:



Another solution is to use groups on the page to give the allusion of different pages, but I am not aware if that would help in your case.

Funny you mention the groups. I had way to many groups on one page so decided they needed to be pages.
I did something similar to your suggestion already. I think that is the best for now!


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