Subpage suggestion

This is an idea that I came up with for Bubble.

I want a feature just like google sites has where they have something called ‘Sub Pages’ now these should be pages added onto pre-existing pages and the way you create them is by clicking on a little three dotted line and then clicking ‘Create Sub-page’

The reason I came up with this is so we can have more or less main pages and have more sub-pages for things like administrative stuff so people can have a data-page without it taking up anything of necessary meaning.

As I mean I think everyone who uses bubble can agree that when you create main pages for all different things it can get a bit difficult to navigate and use.

If this isn’t a possible thing, then I’d just like to keep this as a suggestion for future reference when it does become possible.

Hey Ben, reusable elements are very close to subpages. Next to that, if you use groups with a good naming convention it is pretty easy to keep everything organized (dont forget to use folders and color coding for workflows).

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