Submit your app to be featured on Bubble's blog!

In addition to the Bubble Showcase page, we at the Bubble team are looking for more ways to promote all the interesting projects you are building.

Starting tomorrow, we’re launching a new series on our blog called “Bubble App of the Day,” which will feature one amazing website/app built on Bubble, every (week)day (ideally, in the traditional but increasingly fuzzy concept of time we have going on right now) with a set of interview questions from you, the app creator, and links/images of your project.

We’ll also be sharing your app on our official social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin).

If you’re interested and have a project you want to have featured, reach out to us with this form. Fill out the questions now, if you want, or just submit your app/appid name, we’ll then reach out to you and make you answer the same questions later. :wink:

YES, You can submit separate entries for multiple apps or projects you are working on.

This will also serve as another path to being reviewed for the showcase and other promotional opportunities (you can opt-in towards the end).

Thanks to all the folks we’re featuring in our first batch of posts! We’re looking forward to helping you share what you’ve built!