Subnavigation how? PLEASE HELP!


I’m super new to all this, so apologies, if this is a super easy thing. I am trying to build a navigation where when you click on one menu item, the sub navigation items appear. the other items of the main navigation have to slide down… the complication in all of this is that i would like to be able to create new sub items, hence the height of this is dynamic.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to anyone…

In my experience, the method of getting this part right will vary depending on how the outer groups are structured and their container type: floating/focus/repeating/standard. More details, like screen captures and deeper explanation of layout, will help us help you.

Definitely try a few searches around the forums on this topic, it’s been discussed a handful of times.

Couple questions before I continue with a recommendation:

Do you want the sub nav items to be generated dynamically based on info stored in the database + auto collapse? Or do you mean you would want to be able to manually add or remove items in the design view and have it auto collapse?

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