Subscribing user email =


*MYOWNDOMAIN is my own domain name already registred and used in Settings

While sending a confirmation email to a new subscribed user…
The NOREPLY email is still : no-reply@(MYOWNDOMAIN)

while I would expect it to be (instead)
I HAVE NOT set a sendgrid key yet…would that make a dif if I do so ?
How can I hide/remove the reference ?
(even in a no-reply email…)
Tks :neutral_face:

You need to setup Sendgrid, that’s the starting point.

Or any other alternative like Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Mailjet… and more.

I’m actually using Sendinblue which has a starting free tier. In my opinion it’s an excellent product.



Thanks Guys, I ll test these to see what suits me best !

@yusaney1 Hi,

Please, could you explain how to do it with SendinBlue ?