How to replace the email

how to replace the email reply address when users receive a message from the app?


On the Application Settings | Domain & Email tab, you can set where your email address comes from. You need to set a domain before you can customize the email behaviour.

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Also you need a SendGrid account

Do you?

I clicked the ‘check sendgrid key’ button, with no value in the API key box and received a test message addressed from my application using my domain setting.

Well, I definitely, and have just checked again, but without any API key set, clicking the button, I get an email from my application with the from address as what I have set in the app settings, and not from the domain.

did you start the app before 15 sep?

I opened my account 11th Sept and started the app the same day.

so thats why :slight_smile: your app is using the old method

how does that work?

done that

and that is just an flow error from bubble. you need to input the sendgrid key before doing that. bubble should have make this button not clickable if value key is not inputed but didnt.

as for sendgrid its nearly impossible to make an account . as their user experience is broken on sign up from chrome. avast, and safari.

we get sent back to main page . and sign up does not send message to any email we tried. How ironic for a company that supposed to send email to our users. not very trust-able first experience is the least we can say.

Everything worked fine here :slight_smile: have you managed to set it up?

not at all it does not work at all on chrome. safari, and on mobile neither. it give a broken experience we cant even get inside the sendgrid site without it to reset to main site page . i struggled to get a password reset and now i got their email to reset my password i click and it bug to the and send me back to main site page instead of the actual reset password … omg. i thought i was out of trouble and now its an other layer of broken experience on their end. what the heck is wrong with this company. they provide email api and they cant event put their own sign up /sign in experience together to work on all platform and browsers???

what browser are you using?

No issues here, latest version of Chrome on both macOS and Windows 10.

now i signed up from my mac and its working .
ok so problem solved

now, how to actually make emails come to the email from current users.
how to make the sendgrid match bubble requirement for it to work?

yes i have setup sendgrid . but having issues with google email accounts it seems not to arrive to sender if gmail email . for now i had it to work only when user signed up is a yahoo email holder