Subtract date instead of add


I cannot figure out how I tell the conditional that it has to subtracts the Current cell’s meeting’s key-registration-type’s finish agenda instead of add. I thought by placing a “-” in front of it it will work but no. Can you help me out?


I don’t think you can place a - in front of a dynamic value. Maybe you can add the value in a state (and using value-(value*2) to make it into a negative number.

There might exist an easier solution.

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Hi petter, can you give me a hint in the direction? So far I used states for my menu’s and sub menu’s. But how do I use a state in this case?

It’s easier if I have a little more info, Your key-registration-type’s finish agenda, what data format is that. Is it a number?

Yes the key-registration-type’s finish agenda is a number format. I placed a negative number in the field and then it’s working :-). Only thing is how do I force the number field to be a minus number? This field is autobinding. I guess I have to create a workflow instead?Is there a function to make a number negative?

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