Sum instead of count on chart plotting

Hi All,

I have a chart currently that displays things grouped by created date formated by month. so basically just shows me a chart and the number of things created in a specific month. Great!
Below is how the graph looks:

However, I would now like to create the same graph but instead of showing the number of things created each month, I would like it to aggregate the sum of all things created per month.

So for example:
Jan: Created 10 records
Feb: Created 5 Records
March: Created 10 Records

The chart should display the data as such:

Jan: 10
Feb: 15
March: 25

It should continue to compound.

Any Idea of how to achieve it? I know it’s probably a simple math function, probably using sum, I’ve tried simply replacing the count operator with sum but this does not work, probably for obvious reasons.
Any assistance appreciated!

As you have stated, tallying the aggregate count from the beginning of the year is straightforward. The more difficult part of this problem is trying to keep the month grouping. It will be interesting to see what other solutions you recieve.

In order to try and keep the logic as close to what you already have above, remove the aggregation on the grouping, then use the format as text property to do a second search that does the aggregation as shown below:

Also, be sure to use the , delimiter to separate it back out into the comma separated list needed for the chart plugin as shown below: