Creating a chart similar to github's contributions calendar

Hey there!

I’m looking for options to create a dashboard of metrics. One specific chart I’m interested in adding to my app is something similar to github’s contributions calendar:

Is there a plugin that allows creating a chart similar to that? Maybe there’s a way to do something like this with repeaters?

Would appreciate any ideas!

There’s a plugin: Fully customizable calendar heatmap


so awesome, thanks!

The problem (for me) of this plugin is the fact that the “data” of the heatmap can’t be generated dinamicly. We can’t use, as an example, the sum of the events in a day to paint it… or the sum of our sells thru the month… the values need to be already in the database…

Am I missing something?


For more advanced sums of data you can use a grouping. I have created a demo that groups by day and takes the sum of a value for you here: Calendarheatmap | Bubble Editor

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:


@Thimo! Wow. Love it.
I Think I will buy it! Nice work an thanks for the demonstration!

And if i wanted to COUNT the number of events in the days? Is it possible? I only saw the possibility to SUM the values from a specific column… But if i have a booking service and I wanna to see how many bookings I have along the month?


Yes, you can alter the aggregation inside the grouping to display the ‘count’ of the grouped data entries:

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