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How to display a number calculated in a repeating group?


I am trying to create a cart to buy items.
For that purpose I created a plus and a minus symbol to add the amount of a special item.
Right now, everything works fine in the repeating group but I can’t summarize the data and display the number outside of it.

Item 1 | 31€ | x3 | 93€
Item 2 | 24€ | x2 | 48€
Item 3 | 20€ | x4 | 80€
→ this is my repeating group

Under the repeating group I want to simply calculate 93+48+80.
But if I put an input or text-element below I can’t find a way to get this number.
I’ve been testing this for some good hours and I really need help with it.

You need to store those prices in a table to calculate sum.
You must already be having a “Cart items” table with Product, Qty and Price(Cost of product X Qty) fields. Calculate Sum of Prices and display it.

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