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Superhuman UX/UI

Hi all!

Sharing a UX/UI kit I built, inspired by Superhuman (email client). I wanted to showcase some of the well known features of the app and how they can be built in bubble. Feel free to play around with it and I’m happy to answer any questions. This can be used as a great starting point for many different app use cases.

Some features include:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-player
  • Multi workspace
  • Onboarding
  • Dark / light mode

This has got to be one of the nicest UI/UX’s I’ve seen in a Bubble template. Nice work. Will you be pushing this to the template store soon?

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Thanks @neilpierce

If there’s enough interest I’ll definitely push as a template and include detailed docs.



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Thank you!

Oh my! All the things you can build with this. :star_struck:


This is so cool. Well done!

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This design is epic! I definitely need this template. The dark/light mode is sick.

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@emmanuel you should check this out




The nice custom sliding menu with edge detection would be worth the cost of template alone. A pain to build that fresh in every app.

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2 questions!

  1. How did you do the Dark/ Light mode?
  2. How did you do shortcuts?
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Thanks! I’ll ping you when the template is available in the marketplace.

Dark/light themes are set conditionally ie. when user theme is light mode text color is ‘x’, when dark mode text color is ‘y’

Keyboard shortcuts are accomplished via keyboard shortcuts plugin. There’s some nuance but it works! The command modal is somewhat tricky but you’ll see the implementation when the template gets approved by bubble.