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Support for an external REST web service

Hi Guys,

I am building a RESTful web service & I want to integrate a bubble application with this web service.
My questions are:
a) Can I integrate a bubble app with my web service?
b) What is needed in order to implement this connection?



@targetspur - Yes you can using the Bubble API Connector,

You just need the required endpoints and auth details.

Cool. Do you have an example app that shows how it’s implemented?


This video gives an example of connecting to the Etsy API:

And here is the user manual section for the API

Feel free to come back with specific questions.

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Now what about math functions like power. permutations of strings etc. Is there a support for that?


Yeh, you can build your own Javascript plugins for that sort of stuff, or use an external service like Blockspring.