Possible to create API around Bubble website’s data

Is it possible to build an API for other nonBubble websites to connect with my Bubble website. For example, if another nonBubble website wanted to allow their users to connect and pull data from their account on my Bubble website.

Yeah, that’s built-in. See the the Bubble Reference about the “Data API”:

There are several steps to enabling the Data API for an app and it’s perhaps a little bit funky in terms of how it works, but it’s amazingly sophisticated. (Basically, by clicking a couple of checkboxes your app magically has a data API for whatever resources you might want to expose. As with privacy rules, there is great flexibility in terms of what you choose to expose and to whom.)

My own work with Bubble and APIs has mostly been around pinging external APIs (including little ones I’ve written myself) to perform actions that are not easy in Bubble. I’ve only messed around with inbound API requests a tiny bit.

But the implementation seems pretty cool. (Like, your app also automagically generates a Swagger Specification. All of this is described in the API section of the Reference starting here https://bubble.io/reference#API)

Hello @keith,

But is it possible to create an API so that for example external users can use our Bubble API to do things. Like when you use the Stripe API.

For example, my app is “bestapp.com” an I want that user’s of my app that run their e-commerce via a woocommerce site, let them configure an API so that they can send all the orders created to their account in the bubble app “bestapp.com”.

How do you do this and how do you document everything to let them know how can they configure the API like when you read the Stripe documentation?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: