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Support Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Hi everybody,

has someone tried to make his bubble app (web) signed as AMP at Google?



would love this to become a reality.

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I agree, this would be great.

I’m guessing there’s been no movement on this from anyone? AMP seems pretty crucial for any blog or news type of site since AMP is beating Facebook Instant Articles.

I’d like to run a new project on Bubble, but I’m afraid we will have to turn to a standard CMS for now.

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Does someone has information about how to implement AMP ?

BUMP, hoping this thread doesn’t die off.

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Bump, ditto

Any updates on this?

I thought I follow up on it as well. Sep 2018.


Hey everybody. Does anybody know if AMP is part of Bubble’s development roadmap? This would definitely be HUGE in terms of SEO and performance for our mobile-friendly (and native) apps.

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This would be super good idea. Devs, we would be eternally grateful! bumping this thread!

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I would also like to see this included

nothing here?

Bumping this. Would love to see web stories be a possibility on Bubble!


Please prioritize this team

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Cmon, let’s do this! @nickc