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How to Adapt Your Bubble App to Mobile

These days, users often access websites and apps through their smartphones. Creating a Bubble app suited for a mobile experience can help you reach more customers.

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Hi everyone!

We know how challenging it can be to adapt your Bubble app to a mobile experience, so we decided to write up a blog post offering a few solutions.

In the article, we highlight the various built-in Bubble features that help you craft a mobile experience, as well as platforms that allow you to transform your Bubble app into a native app or progressive web app.

We hope you find this post informative and helpful!


Thanks for this article! There is another one tool from Zeroqode - Air Native.

Just updated the post with an additional option for creating a native mobile app - using Bubble as a backend, combined with a native mobile frontend platform ( is an example we feature). Happy Bubbling! :slight_smile:

I would urge no one to ever use - they will take forever to respond and, I tried to get it working with them for months with no results. I switched to BDK and it’s been much better!

Wondering if Bubble will someday have a way to publish to native or pwa much like Adalo? Has anyone come across any indication that this could someday be shipped or is somewhere in the pipeline?

+1 for Gaurav is super helpful.

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Just added Zeroqode’s wrapper/plugin. Thanks for the rec!

This blog mentioned building a one page app… are multiple page apps not compatible with wrappers?

They are (maybe some exceptions) but performance of multi page apps is not as good as single page apps.

But wouldn’t load time initially be poor on a single page app? Since all your elements are on one page?

I thought having multiple pages would offload excess elements/workflows and improve performance…

This thread has a lot of useful information, pros and cons etc… The general conclusion is that single page apps perform better unless you have a lot of elements.

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